Monday, March 23, 2020

Group Healing to improve respiratory system

Hello teacher Peisee,
it is astonishing what happened in the online session today while you were regulating qi during 3 centres merge: almost immediately the right part of my body began to be revitalized, starting from liver passing by my right lung, my right eye till down to my right feet, each smallest part of my right side was crossed by a smooth, warm, bright powerful flow of energy. Towards the end I felt my whole right part standing with a foot deeply rooted in the ground and projected into the sky. My left side in the meanwhile was observing, as it was temporarily put on hold waiting for being reunited with the other, what really happened in the end with a final embrace between the two. And this revitalization is going on, after around five hours, as a process that was been set in motion.

My right side suffered some impairments: my right eye has lost the sight and hearing is weaker in my right ear. I had to adapt myself and somehow to get used to that, so much that I didn't even remember what is feeling life flowing in myself... maybe in my childhood, but not consciously.

How to say that my whole being is spontaneously brought to smile, full of gratidude? This means that practicing for my own wellness is very far from being enough, feeling good is for being able to generously repay what life ceaselessly gives. (Italy)

"I could sleep this night more than 6 hours, without getting up . this did not happen years. Felt very good. I also felt a deep sensation during the group healing yesterday, the La Chi was very deep and intensive."
"Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help, and I'm surprised how much better I feel"

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Online workshop: Recognise and Master Extra Sensory Perception

In the past, ESP was regarded as high level ability, a mysterious gift, applying ESP in practices or during our day to day activities was something beyond reach by many. ESP is now commonly accepted by many even among those who do not practice Qigong.

Recognizing ESP is a tool to progress and it is very useful for self-healing. In Serenity Holistic Approach we emphasize self-progress as the main aim, we recommend the participants to apply ESP to recognize their self-state, not to take it as something to show off. It is a course that is not related to spirituality, supernatural or religion.

We hope with an in-depth understanding and application of ESP, one can serve self better, create a harmonious atmosphere, become healthier and happier and serve society better.
In this online workshop, we will form an extraordinary Qi field, and you will have the opportunity to learn the application of ESP to recognize various Qi fields. You will have an opportunity to join the FB closed group: ESP sharing platform, a platform to share what you have perceived and counter-check by others' reviews. It is a way to reaffirm your ESP ability. 

Feedback from the participants:
1. Mr A(Italy) : "Esp workshop is a practical and easy way to access the human potential, demystify extra sensorial perception and taking it within everyone's reach. Also the workshop is beautifully presented".

 2. Ms Ann : After the ESP workshop, more things fell into place for me. I feel I have
 much more clarity in my thinking. I am able to trust my own
 perceptions/intuition in different situations. I was also able to identify
 clearly what were my stress and anxiety triggers. Because of this I lost
 interest in overeating and within 5 months I lost 40 pounds (18 kilos)
 without any effort on my part. I can highly recommend this training for people of all ages. It's a
 beautiful practice and with less anxiety and more clarity, we can be more
 creative in our lives.

Many gain the insights to appreciate the ability to perceive the emotional state changes within and from external stimuli...

Limited space as this will be a small group coaching.
Email me if you are interested: